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We can help you start that journey 

to a new you...

and a new life.

Our Story

Our Story

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You deserve to feel your best.

Dr. Denise E. Bruner listens to your story and examines your body to get to the root cause of weight gain, hormone imbalances and low energy along with many other conditions. She integrates traditional and natural therapies to craft a personalized treatment plan that restores your body to its healthiest state.


Dr. Bruner’s team envisions a world in which every person has the opportunity to live a healthy life. Your family, your work, and your life depend on you being healthy.


We are on a mission to help professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and busy people reclaim and enhance their health. In a time when our daily lives are pulling us in so many different directions, it is essential to place your health as a priority.

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"Obesity has many causes and many treatments... 

I am proponent of trying natural supplements to boost serotonin which in turn makes us feel happy and full. When we are feeling that way, we are going to eat less."


– Dr. Denise E. Bruner

Dr. OZ


Dr. Phil:

"What is the problem with yo-yo dieting?

Dr. Bruner: 

"Yo-yo dieting gives you nutrient depletions. It's unbalanced. It sets up a lot of food cravings."


"Forty years ago no one thought alcoholism was a disease. Obesity is a serious life-threatening disease with many layers from genetics to psychological, hormonal and chemical issues."

– Dr. Denise E. Bruner


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Patient Reviews

Monica M.

Falls Church, VA


I have been a patient of Dr. Bruner and have lost more than 80 lbs this year. When I needed to lose weight and felt vulnerable, Dr. Bruner and her staff created a place where I felt safe. I followed everything Dr. Bruner prescribed, didn't cheat once, and now I am fit again.

Jocelyn B.

Fairfax, VA

Dr. Bruner and her entire staff are first rate. They have always been so welcoming and kind to me, never made me feel like a criminal for being overweight. I'm almost 60 lbs. lighter. I look and feel great! I have a new, healthy life thanks to this practice.

Cat M.

Arlington, VA

I love Dr. Bruner - she is amazing. She's caring, knowledgeable, and doesn't rush you at all. She made a huge difference in terms of my health this year.

Yujin L.

Washington, DC


I highly recommend her practice. she is the BEST out there. so far i have lost 40lbs+. Dr. Bruner has completely changed my life; can not be any happier.

Kathy M.

McLean, VA


I credit Dr. Bruner with extending my career! I originally came in because I could no longer make it through my workday as a teacher. I would just simply die most afternoons. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Wilson's Temperature Syndrome. I started taking T3 and I became a new woman! 

olympia h.

Arlington, VA


I have been a patient of Dr Bruner's  for about 5 years. She is amazing. I highly recommend her customized weight management program. I originally went to her after the birth of my son....I was so overweight and miserable. I am now healthy and full of vitality. I have not tried any of her anti-aging treatments, but, I do have an appointment next week for a skin laser peel. Can’t wait to see the results.

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